Ing. MgA. Tomáš Reindl, Ph.D.

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, tabla player, pedagogue, musicologist

In his music, he likes to cross genre barriers, taking inspiration from old European and non-European musical traditions, in which the music often has an ecstatic, trance-like dimension. At the same time, he uses modern musical technologies and processes. He is practically the only one in the Czech Republic, who has long been deeply involved in Indian rhythm and tabla playing, which he studied under the guidance of one of the most important contemporary tabla masters, Sanju Sahai.

Tomas studied composition at HAMU in Prague under Professor Hanus Barton. His dissertation dealt with the issue of micro-intervals in Indian classical music. He attended various courses, workshops and private lessons in India, UK, Italy and Turkey. He plays many ethnic percussion instruments (darbuka, riq, frame drums, cajon, etc.), didjeridu, medieval dulcimer, clarinet, end-bell, blues harmonica, etc. He uses techniques of aliquot singing, beat-boxing, and Indian rhythm recitation.

Tomáš Reindl creates music without the limitations of genres; he often moves at the borders of different genres (classical music, jazz, songwriting, world music, film and stage music).

Work: YOGA: An original melodrama for guru, practitioners and orchestra (2017), UTERO: Concerto for Cello, Tabla and Symphonic Orchestra (2015), and music for the ballet The Garden of Statues at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ústí n.L. (2010).

He currently teaches Ethnomusicology and other subjects at the Faculty of Music of the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague, and frequently teaches various music workshops and seminars.