Voices from Afar

Concert | New Town Hall, Great Hall

The Netherworld of Japan

Kinya Sogawa, Akihito Obama, Žaneta Vítová, Jean-François Suizan Lagrost, Balász Adorján, Rudolf Kvíz, Anežka Matoušková

The main guest of the festival Kinya Sogawa, accordionist Žaneta Vítová, Akihito Obama, Jean-François Suizan Lagrost, singer Anežka Matoušková and others will perform. The concert will be graced by a new composition by Vlastislav Matoušek, a composer recently awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, and his famous cycle of miniatures Calligraphies inspired by tanka poems from the collection One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets.

“The people of Japan believe that their land, laced with hot springs, plagued by earthquakes, lava, typhoons and terrifying waves, is home to many strange creatures. They appear in dreams, in mists, sounds and echoes. This concert is dedicated to these strange phenomena that continue to shape the Japanese mind.” says Marek Kimei Matvija, artistic director of ISFP 2023.

Tango Prism Op. 73, 8’
Comp. Maki Ishii (1987)
Žaneta Vítová (accordion)
Preview: https://youtu.be/cN0NtIk0XFU

Nine Focuses on Death, 9’
Comp. Daniel Chudovský
Rudolf Kvíz (voice), Balász Adorján (violoncello), Jean-François Suizan Lagrost (shakuhachi)
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qROMjqeSKng

Tsuru no Sugomori, 9′
John Kaizan Neptune
note: bass shakuhachi (daichokan, 3.25)

Kaligrafie, 12’
Comp. Vlastislav Matoušek (1998)
Marek Kimei Matvija (shakuhachi), Anežka Matoušková (voice)

Kokū 虚空, 8’
shakuhachi honkyoku (18th Century)
Kinya Sogawa


Kokyo 孤響, 12’
Comp. Minoru Miki (1970)
Kinya Sogawa (shakuhachi)
Note: European premiere

[World premiere]
Comp. Vlastislav Matoušek (2023)
Akihito Obama (shakuhachi) et alumni