Kinya Sogawa

Kinya Sogawa is a shakuhachi player whose playing bridges worlds of traditional and contemporary music. He creates his own instruments and his unique sound speaks to international audiences through concerts and famous Hollywood productions. His deep understanding of the instrument makes the shakuhachi and its music accessible to audiences of all ages.
Despite his celebrity status, Sogawa rarely plays concerts in Europe. It is thus our honor and pleasure to present this outstanding musician at our festival.


He is a member of ORA-J, Japanese ensemble of Orchestra Asia.
Former member of Pro Musica Nipponia.


3. – 5. 6. | STUDY GROUP Sashi 

5. 6. | WORKSHOP 

3. 6. | CONCERT Voices from Afar: The Netherworld of Japan

4. 6. | CONCERT Fujikura-Seki-Ishii-Kengyo