Sashi with Kinya Sogawa

Study Group | HAMU

Study group led by master shakuhachi player Kinya Sogawa Sashi is a complex, dramatic honkyoku originating from the Itchoken temple in Hakata, Kyushu. There Watazumi Doso learned it and later passed onto Katsuya Yokoyama from whom Sogawa learned this piece.
The study group will be conducted in English. The recommended student level is intermediate to advanced. The capacity of this study group is three students.
Score and recording will be provided by the festival.
Listen to the recording of Watazumi Doso performing Sashi, 薩慈:

More about this piece:
Capacity: 3 students
Price: 3000 CZK
Time allocation: 3 x 120 minutes

Link to the current teaching plan and schedule: