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The Festival SuperPASS is an ideal choice for a shakuhachi player of beginner to intermediate level. It provides a valuable insight into the many aspects of the shakuhachi including free entry to concerts of ISFP 2023.

Shakuhachi Workshops
The Shakuhachi Workshops are led by professional players, and are dedicated to participants of beginner to intermediate level.

At ISFP 2023, there will be 18 workshops each 60 to 90 minutes long. The workshop topics cover meditation suizen, tone-production, Kinko-ryū, Tōzan-ryū, Icchoken, Kyoto Myōanji, special techniques, practice routines, music theory, artist presentation. Attending the ISFP workshops is a good way to learn about the variety of genres and styles of shakuhachi. In 2023, Saikawa Buntai, important figure of the Tendai-shu Buddhism will give a unique workshop-presentation on their liturgy – one of the most important foundations of Japanese music as such.
The Shakuhachi Workshops can be visited by holders of ISFP SuperPASS and ISFP FAMILY SuperPASS. Number of participants is not restricted.

List of workshop leaders: Kinya Sogawa, Seian Genshin, Saikawa Buntai, John Kaizan Neptune, Ichiro Seki, Jean-François Lagrost, Dietmar Ippu Herriger, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Marek Kimei Matvija

Link to the current teaching plan and workshop descriptions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSe75qdEH-hVCCy3BYjYp-o0Ar5baJ1INu5MJWfVlxp0sMsgLvVvdrmqz9HMYZpGQ/pubhtml#

Festival SuperPASS grants access to all festival concerts, lectures, shakuhachi workshops and ABC courses. It doesn’t include festival study groups.


Here’s the deal:

You give us 3000 CZK to become a lifetime member of the ISFP Family.
As a lifetime member you get 30% discount from the Festival Super Pass.
We will consult you during the selection of pieces (and genres) which will be taught in the upcoming year of the event.
When you are coming to the festival you will be able to bring a friend who will be free to participate in any Absolute Beginner course (ABC) – this includes free entry to all festival concerts.
In order to keep your membership valid you need to attend ISFP every edition.
We will like you a lot!