Genshin Seian

The present leader or kansu, 看主, of the group reestablishing the Komusō-Shakuhachi tradition and compiling the present repertoire of koten-honkykoku

The 42nd superior of the Myoanji temple, where the secret of the spiritual play on the shakuhachi called suizen is still preserved. Genshin Seian began playing the piano at the age of 18. After graduating from the University of Tokyo he began playing the shakuhachi with the master of the style Tózan Katoa Seizan. He then studied with Sensei Muraokai, who recommended for him to study the Myoan style. Subsequently, Genshin began studying with Koizumi Royan, the 38th superior of the Myoan-ji Temple. Later he continued studying for a long period of time with the 40th superior of Yoshimura Fuan. Since 2011 Genshin has been teaching shakuhachi. He is the leader of a group called Shikoku Soshun Renseikan, a sponsor of the annual event, which brings together players from all over Japan and play in Buddhist temples in front of the main altar of the Buddha. In 2016, Genshin was elected the 42nd superior of Myoan-ji, which is recognized as the spiritual center of the shakuhachi flute.


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