Granular Satori

Concert | Café v Lese

Electroacoustics, Poetry & Japanese Instruments

John Kaizan Neptune, Škrábanice, Devon Osamu Tipp, Tassos Tataroglou, Tomáš Reindl, Matthew Noone

An evening dedicated to jazz, electroacoustics, poetry and new phenomena in the music of Japanese instruments. The content of the concert is a continuation of the symposium Music and Altered States of Consciousness, which will take place earlier the same day at HAMU. Devon Osamu Tipp (US) will present his pioneering electroacoustic works. A four-channel audio-textual Scribbles by poet Jaromir Typt and composer Michal Rataj with guest on shakuhachi Mark Kimei Matvia. At the end there will be jazz and Indian music infused improvisation by John Kaizan Neptune (JP) Matthew Noone (UK) and Tomáš Reindl.

Pale Blue Dot, 8′
Comp. Devon Osamu Tipp (2019)
Devon Osamu Tipp (shakuhachi, electronics)
European Premiere

!ruletheworld!, 10′
Comp. Cullyn D. Murphy (2022)
Devon Osamu Tipp (shakuhachi), Cullyn D. Murphy (live-electronics)
World premiere

Renpoken Tsuru no Sugomori, 15′
Tassos Tataroglou (microtone-duplex trumpet)
Czech Premiere
Traditional japanese piece from “Renpoken” temple, arranged by Kame (Tataroglou) for the Microtone-Duplex trumpet inspired by the rendition by Kifu Mitsuhashi of this piece.

Škrábanice, 30’
Michal Rataj (live-electronics), Jaromír Typlt (voice, guitarre), Marek Kimei Matvija (shakuhachi)
Music video:
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Improvisations, 20′
John Kaizan Neptune (shakuhachi), Matthew Noone (sarod), Tomáš Reindl (tabla)
Preview (Neptune):
Preview (Noone):
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