Michal Rataj & Jaromír Typlt: Scribbles

Scribbles is a performance on the border of music and poetry. It is a joint project of musician Michal Rataj and poet Jaromír Typlt: sounds of computer, voice and other instruments.
Since its first performance more than ten years ago in Prague (2009), Škrábanice has been based on the idea of a “manuscript in the making”, from the first roughly scribbled sketches to a coherent text. The sounds that Michal Rataj creates on the computer are supplemented by Jaromír Typlt with fragments from his poetic manuscripts. The meeting of the two authors is in the nature of an improvisation, which Michal Rataj also sets in motion live in space thanks to the use of four-channel sound.
Škrábanice has been performed not only at many individual concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad, but also at major music and literary festivals – most recently, for example, in the accompanying programme of the Leipzig Book Fair (2019).
“A bit like being the victim of an enchanter in a mirror maze.” (Ondřej Lipár, 2009)

1. 6. | CONCERT: Granular Satori