Kaze no Uta with Kuniyoshi Sugawara


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3 x 120′

Study group led by the festival’s main guest, Kuniyoshi Sugawara. Kaze no Uta (Song of the Wind) was composed in 1970 by Tadao Sawai, founder of the Sawai Koto Academy. Many of Sawai’s duets were intended for shakuhachi player Yamamoto Hozan, who later became a national living treasure. This piece beautifully incorporates traditional and contemporary techniques of the shakuhachi into an expressive stream of music. Kaze no Uta makes case for exploring the expressive possibilities of using alternative fingerings.

  • The study group will be joined by Makiko Goto on the koto. Interpretation from Japanese to English will be conducted by shakuhachi player Seizan Osako.
  • The recommended student level is intermediate to advanced.
  • The capacity of this study group is three students. For the purpose of this study group, a 1.8 shakuhachi will be used.
  • Score and recording will be provided by the festival.

Watch video of Kaze no Uta performed at Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2014 by Naoko Kikuchi and Antonio Enzan Olías.