Icchoken Koku with Dietmar Ippu Herriger


Není skladem


3 x 120′

Study group led by Dietmar Ippu Herriger. Icchoken Koku is one of the foundations of the ancient komuso repertoire transmitted to this day at the Icchoken temple. Different versions of Koku are transmitted in different regions all across Japan. All point to the same legendary origin – monk Kichiku falling asleep during mediation on the mountain Asakuma in Ise and hearing the sound of flute in his dream. However, in its distinct style and structure the Icchoken version is unique compared to all other Koku versions that are around.

Ippu Herriger studied shakuhachi at this temple over the course of 25 years and has received its entire repertoire. This study group will not only focus on the musical aspects of the piece, but also on suizen attitude.

  • The study group will be led by in English. Recommended student level is beginner to intermediate.
  • Student capacity of this study group is five students.
  • Score and recording will be provided by the festival.