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The SuperPASS grants access to all ISFP concerts, workshops, Hands On courses and lectures held at the Music as Identity symposium.


There will be four main concerts featuring such artists as Nomura Hozan, Pro Musica Nipponia, Akihito Obama and Nobuto Yamanaka, as well as numerous smaller concerts joined under the heading Music as Identity. For more information please visit the Programme.


The ISFP workshops are group lessons focusing on developing your shakuhachi skills and musicality overall. Their content is prepared in such a way that players from beginner to upper intermediate level will benefit. The special guest of ISFP 17 Genmyo Iso will lead workshops focusing on SUIZEN, blending music and spirituality.


Workshop Overview:

Nomura Hozan: Tone Development 2 x 60 min
Gunnar Jinmei Linder: Sankyoku 4 x 90min
Jan Dvořák: Natural Tuning  2 x 90min
Akihito Obama: Min’yo 2 x 60 min
Hearn Gadbois: Internalising Rhythm 2 x 90min
Motonaga Hiromu: Special playing techniques  2 x 60min
Vlastislav Matoušek: Modus Variabilis 1 x 90min
Genmyo Iso: Suizen 2 x 90min


Hands On courses for absolute beginners overview:

Kenya Satoh: Tsugaru shamisen, 2 x 90min
Seizan Osako: shakuhachi 1 x 90min
Marek Kimei Matvija: shakuhachi 1 x 90min
Keiko Hisamoto: koto 2 x 90min
Dušan Holík: fujara 2 x 90min

See symposium programme here.

All workshops are conducted in English.

For schedule please see the current ROOM PLAN.


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