Team: Anna Matvija

Anna Matvija, M.A.
Executive Director

Anna Matvija graduated in Theatre Arts (Brown University, USA) and Performance Design and Practice (Central Saint Martin’s, UK). She held an internship first with the Wooster Group and later at Richard Foreman’s Ontological Theatre. Since 2009, she lives in Prague, where she works as a freelance project manager of festivals and art events. In the past Anna has coordinated and organized numerous art events: AXA in ACTION (2011), Botana Mexicana Festival (2012), several projects for the Prague Quadrennial (2012-2013), vs. Interpretation (2014), Identity.Move! (2015), Why Talk to Animals (2015), ISFP2016 (2016). Beyond her involvement in arts management, Anna practices and teaches experimental vocal work. From 2013 – 2015 she taught a workshop in extended vocal technique at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). She is a founding member and main coordinator of TOPOS KOLEKTIV, a group of musicians, creating site-specific improvised musical performances.
Anna is a founding member and co-director of NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts.