Thursday 12. 09. 2019

9:00    SYMPOSIUM: Music in Transmission (Žižkov AtriumFREE

20:00   CONCERT: Poetry of light and darkness (Žižkov Atrium) FREE

Opening night of the ISFP 19 will take place in Žižkov Atrium. Czech and Japanese poets, shakuhachi players and improvisers will create a series of performances.
Featuring: Adrian Freedman, Ivo Hucl, Annabelle Plum, Žaneta Vítová, Pavel a Hiromi, Hélène Seiyu Codjo, Jaromír Typlt and Romanovská, Hrubý, Tichý trio

Friday 13. 09. 2019

20:00   CONCERT: ZEN: Sound and Silence (Sv. Vavřinec under Petřín Hill) 250/150 CZK

Japanese spiritual music of shakuhachi. Handed down from one generation to another, since many centuries ago to the present day, this music portrays the aesthetics of ZEN in sound and silence. Inspirations by sounds of nature and its phenomena are brought alive by each player’s individual approach to this highly abstract music that eludes the Western concepts of rhythm and harmony.

World premiere: Adrian Freedman

Featuring: Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Akihito Obama, Seizan Osako, Justin Senryu Williams, Vlastislav Matoušek, Adrian Freedman, Dietmar Ippu Herriger

Saturday 14. 09. 2019

20:00   CONCERT: KINDLING & New music (ARCHA Theatre) 290/180 CZK

KINDLING is a new series of four Czech experimental films. These films will be played
with live music shakuhachi and Western instruments composed by Czech composers.
The individual films stand somewhere between an abstract dance, a minimalist sculpture
and a socially engaged essay.
World premiere: Lucie Vítková
Featuring: Makito Goto, Akihito Obama, Lucie Vítková, Marek Kimei Matvija

Sunday 15. 09. 2019

20:00   CONCERT: Kuniyoshi Sugawara: Shakuhachi Unlimited (ARCHA Theatre390/250 CZK

Concert recital by a legendary shakuhachi player, Kuniyoshi Sugawara. Since the 90s, Kuniyoshi Sugawara belongs to the central figures of new and traditional music of the shakuhachi. He regularly performs across the four continents.
The concert is included in the NEIRO Unlimited Concert Series which features outstanding international musicians who use their regional instruments in contemporary music.
Featuring: Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Makiko Goto, Akihito Obama, John Kaizan Neptune, Lenka Kozderková

Monday 16. 09. 2019

15:00    Student concert (Prague Creative Center) FREE

20:00   CONCERT: BERG Orchestra and soloists (Domovina Hall) 300/150 CZK

Compositions by Toru Takemitsu, Toshi Ichiyanagi and other stellar Japanese composers for chamber orchestra and Japanese instruments.
World premiere: Hiroya Miura, Jan Rösner
Featuring: John Kaizan Neptune, Akihito Obama, Kuniyoshi Sugawara, BERG Orchestra 


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