Learning and teaching the shakuhachi and other Japanese musical instruments is an intergral part of the ISFP. It is our pride that our outstanding guests from Japan and elsewhere come to Prague to perform in concerts and to teach. Shakuhachi lovers of all ages gather from around the world to experience being taught by some of the best players in the world. By day in the classroom, by night in the concert hall.
For five days the festival guests and participants become a living and breathing community where skill and knowledge is shared without prejudice, social or ryu/ha (school and style) boundaries.

Learning at ISFP is structured into three formats: Shakuhachi Workshops, Study Groups and Absolute Beginner Courses (ABC). All teaching is conducted in English.

Shakuhachi Workshops
The Shakuhachi Workshops are led by professional players, and are dedicated to participants of beginner to intermediate level.
At ISFP 2021, there will be 18 workshops each 60 to 90 minutes long. The workshop topics cover tone-production, special techniques, practice routines and simple pieces of different genres and styles. Attending the ISFP workshops is good way to learn about the variety of genres and styles fo the shakuhachi.
The Shakuhachi Workshops can be visited by holders of ISFP SuperPASS, ISFP FAMILY SuperPASS, and ONLINE ISFP SuperPASS. Number of participants is not restricted.
NOTE: Participation in individual workshops can be bought on site by festival participants (holders of Concert PASS, ABC PASS, and Study Group participants).

List of workshop leaders: Dōzan Fujiwara, Sakai Genshin, Akihito Obama, John Kaizan Neptune, Hélène Seiyu Codjo, Ichiro Seki, Dietmar Ippu Herriger, Antonio Enzan Olías, Marek Kimei Matvija

The description of individual workshops will be announced soon.

Study Groups
The Study Groups create an intensive study environment good for in-depth study and skill development. The very low teacher to student ratio ensures that a teacher can attend to specific needs of each student.

Each study group consists of 3 sessions of 120 minutes. Number of participants is restricted to 3 to 5 students (the higher the difficulty, the fewer the participants). Participants are provided teaching materials in advance and are expected to come prepared.

Information about individual study groups will be published soon.

Study group leaders: Dōzan Fujiwara, Sakai Genshin, Akihito Obama, John Kaizan Neptune, Ichiro Seki, Naoko Kikuchi, Dietmar Ippu Herriger

Absolute Beginner Courses (ABC)
These courses are dedicated to people who want start their shakuhachi and koto journey. You can participate without prior music education and even with an instrument. The ISFP will lend you a practice shakuhachi and koto.

ABC entails of four shakuhachi , and two koto lessons. Each lesson is 60 minutes. Number of participants is not restricted.

ABC leaders: Hélène Seiyu Codjo (shakuhachi), Naoko Kikuchi (koto), Marek Kimei Matvija (shakuhachi)

Individual lessons
Individual lessons can be arranged between a festival guest and festival participant (holders of Concert PASS, ABC PASS, and Study Group participants) in their free time. If possible, the festival will provide a teaching space free of charge.