Wen-Hsiu Chen

Wen-Hsiu Chen, is a PhD student in Historical Musicology at National Taiwan Normal University and a music educator. She obtained her M.S. degree in Historical Musicology from National Kaohsiung Normal University. Her master thesis, “Returning to Judaism? Exploring the Religious Fusion in Arnold Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron”. Her research interests include Early 20th Century German Opera, music education.

Along with the change in times, and new knowledge spread rapidly, and the traditional culture has gradually declined or even disappeared, especially in Taiwanese Opera is an obvious example.

Traditional music is represented a region, the culture and history of a country, then it can’t be replaced by foreign culture. In a constantly changing world, the issue that how to preserve and continue traditional art are very important. As an educator, you can’t ignore these problems. How to pass on the traditional culture if students couldn’t understand?

Taiwanese Opera is a comprehensive art of music and drama. General instruction is focus on music or drama, but students couldn’t understand the relationship between each other. The study offered “Thematic Teaching” that would different from traditional; it was based on Taiwanese Opera’s music, and then extends to drama that contacts folk legend. Further, it leads to compare the different among the distribution areas and development history of Taiwanese Opera. This study would be providing a way that let students understand the art and culture they own.

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