Seizan Osako

Tozan-ryu Shakuhachi Shihan (licenced teacher of Tozan shakuhachi school) Tutored under Kozan Yamazaki (recording and turing with well-known shamisen group `Yoshida Kyodai`) from 1990`s. Also studying under Tozan-ryu masters such as Taizan Kawamura and Houzan Nomura at the Tozan-ryu masterclasses over last decade. Currently resides in Prague, Czech republic and performs not just Japanese traditional pieces but modern and improvisational style of music, his co-performers include shakuhachi player Vlastislav Matousek, pianist Martin Kratochvil and percussionist Zangi. Besides studying the Tozan-ryu, he commutes few times a year to Itchoken zen temple in Fukuoka city, Japan to learn its traditional koten honkyoku.

Other music back ground includes academic study of piano and jazz theory and ensemble with Ron Perry and Peter Domingues at the music department of Michigan State University in USA and for playing saxophone, toured with local blues bands in Japan, recording CD with local Moravian band, currently studying under Jiri Kulisev from Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory.

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