Pro Musica Nipponia

Pro Musica Nipponia is a group of leading composers and top-rank musicians devoted to performing a wide-ranging repertoire of classical and contemporary compositions from both Japan and the West. All music is performed by traditional Japanese musical instruments. Pro Musica Nipponia (“Nipponia”) was founded in 1964, devising a vital form of expression based on ancient forms and instruments linked to traditional aesthetics, and yet simultaneously responsive to the spirit of the present.

Ensemble Pro Musica Nipponia will be represented by its senior members:
Motonaga Hiromu (shakuhachi)
Keiko Hisamoto (koto)
Kodai Minoda (shamisen)


Motonaga Hiromu (shakuhachi), born in 1974 in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan, Motonaga Hiromu spent his childhood abroad, but was fascinated by Japanese culture. He studied Kinko-ryu under Ohashi Reisei and Sugawara Kuniyoshi and after graduating from Sophia University Foreign Language Department and the NHK Academy for Traditional Japanese Music, started his activities as a musician. Based in Tokyo, Motonaga performed at the Expo Zaragoza 2008 in Spain, Sibiu International Art Festival in Romania, The Essence of Bamboo in Jakarta, APAP at New York,  the World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 in Sydney, 2010 Expo Shanghai in China, and South Asia concert tour, Europe concert tour  as an invited performer, South Asia tour (Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Srilanka), Solo concert tour Brasil, China tour as the mission from the Agency of Cultural Affairs /  Government of Japan, and so on. The overseas performance are more than 30 countries, 40 cities.
Motonaga is the Operating Manager of NPO Pro Musica Nipponia, orchestra of Japanese traditional instruments. He released CD album “WASABI” in 2012,WASABI2 in 2014, also recorded for a lots of musicians, more than 30 titles.

His shakuhachi style is based on Kinko-ryu classical music and Honkyoku-meditational music-, and creating modern music using traditional sounds and tastes, also collaborating with artists of various genres. He has composed more than 20 works for Japanese traditional instruments.

Keiko Hisamoto (koto), granddaughter of the legendary koto player Genchi Hisamoto, is a master of Genso Koto family, and a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. She is a player of the Yamada style, notable since it is less common I the contemporary Japanese music scene. Ms. Hisamoto is a graduate of Kunitachi Music Univeristy and NHK Academy of Traditional Japanese Music, having studies with Shigeko Hisamoto and Nanae Yoshimura. A member of Pro Musica Nipponia since 2003, with which she has given more then 70 concerts, she also performs regularly with major Japanese pop singers, Taiko (Japanese drums), and a wide variety of other musicians. I addition to her work in Japan, she performed abroad at festivals in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, and Brazil.

Kodai Minoda (shamisen), began shamisen with his father shamisen player Goshiro Kineya, Minoda received an award for excellence in composition while in child music of Shobi musical academy, graduated from National University of Fine Arts. Presently, Minoda performs around the world with stage performance, TV, radio, recording, as well as educational programs. He belongs to Pro Musica Nipponia, Nagauta To-on association, Ensemble Muromachi. Wagakudan Koh. Minoda lead the Kodai Minoda shamisen academy.

Event List

  • 08:00 PM Malostranské nám. 259/12, Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha-Praha 1, Czechia