Marek Kimei Matvija

Czech master player of the shakuhachi, Japanese bamboo flute. He is a performer of contemporary, improvised, and Japanese traditional ensemble and solo music. He has graduated at the Centre for Audiovisual Studies of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and has studied under Czech pioneer of the shakuhachi and a composer, Vlastislav Matoušek. Since 2009, Marek continues his studies with Matoušek’s teacher Mitsuhashi Kifu. In 2017, he has been awarded the title nattori shihan of the Kifu-kai and a performance name Kimei, 貴明.
Marek Matvija has performed throughout the Czech Republic and in Japan, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, USA and Portugal. He is a member of the Topos Kolektiv, ensemble for site-specific improvised music, and the director of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague.

Along with Christopher Yohmei Blasdel and Vlastislav Matoušek, Marek co-founded the Prague Shakuhachi Festival (now International Shakuhachi Festival Prague) in 2007 and is a founding member and co-director of NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts.

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