Klára Hedvika Műhlová

Klara Hedvika Műhlova is a PhD candidate at Masaryk university in a field of Musicology, focusing especially innovative practices in current music theory, and challenges of contemporary interdisciplinary research.

The contribution discusses, how an impressive current theoretical base for description and understanding of an identity, causation, and constitution of Moravian folk song phenomena, is being re-examined by the movements in ethnomusicological, and music-theoretical approaches, under the innovations at today’s universities.
Contemporary university-based research, and education, focusing a legacy and a traditions of Moravian folk songs, deal, in a post-modern, globalised age, with many dramatic dilemmas. Current academic practices, rooted in university tradition, are frequently conscious of risks brought by the extraction of folklore from it’s natural environment, for it’s exploration. Bringing the folklore at the university these days, needs to find an advocacy, and form, for the expression of academic awareness, and respect to the limits of possibilities of knowledge building, with all the restrictions and shifts, given by the essence of scholar work contrasting to the outer living tradition. Authenticity, as a general focus of many researchers in ethnomusicology, confronts the forms of scientific work, and also an educative schematisation, making – in it’s presented solutions – the university tradition of it’s own.

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