Music in Transmission: Teaching and Learning Traditional Music Today

Symposium Program


9:00–9:30 Registration


9:30–11:00 Passing Our Traditions On

• Onny Nur Pratama: Dambus, A Study of Phenomenology Examines the Background of the Meaning of Deer Animal Representation on Dambus Musical Instrument on Bangka Island

• Andrew Shahriari: The Phin Pia in Practice: Pedagogy and Performance Techniques of a Northern Thai Musical Instrument

• Wen-Hsiu Chen: The Learning and Inheritance of Taiwanese Opera


11:15–12:15 Intercultural Pedagogy

• Lydia Snyder: Teaching and Transmission in German Shakuhachi Communities

• Violeta Solano: Intercultural Music Education in Colombia


12:15–13:30 Lunch


13:30–15:00 Academic Institutions

• Antonis Ververis: It can be learned, but can it be taught? The institutionalization of Greek traditional music

• Sanja Rankovic: Traditional singing in the academic framework

• Klára Hedvika Műhlová: Legitimacy of Explanation in a Transmission of Moravian Folk Song by Post-Modern Universities


15:15–16:15 Technologies

• Francis Ward: Teaching and Learning Traditional Music Today: The Emergence of a Virtual Orality in the Online Transmission of Irish Traditional Music

• Iva Nenić: Roots in the age of YouTube: modes of learning / teaching agency in contemporary Serbian frula playing


17:00–19:00 Kukai – Haiku Workshop (Hiromi and Pavel)


20:00 Opening Concert of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague