A world famous Brazilian composer and instrumentalist

Luigi Antonio Irlandini, composer and instrumentalist (piano and shakuhachi), is Music Professor at UDESC, State University of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil. His music has been performed internationally. Significant recent performances are Whale Sanctuary, for soprano saxophone and string orchestra, premiered at the Bienal de Música Brasileira Contemporânea in Rio de Janeiro, in 2019, and Ākāśa, for solo shakuhachi and fixed media (released in a CD of the same title in 2019). Irlandini’s research is concerned with circular and spiral musical temporalities and the presence of non-modern (ancient and non-western) contents in 20th- and 21st- centuries compositional poetics. His writings have been published in international academic journals such as Perspectives of New Music (U.S.A.), Gaudeamus MuziekWeek (Netherlands), Per Musi, Opus and Revista Vórtex (Brazil). Irlandini studied composition with Hans-Joachim Koellreutter in Brazil, Franco Donatoni in Italy, and Stephen L. Mosko and Brian Ferneyhough in California. More at: https://sites.google.com/view/luigi-antonio-irlandini/home.