Help us improving the quality of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague .
Enjoy the opportunity of bringing your friends to the festival for free.
Be a significant part of an international community of shakuhachi, koto and shamisen players.

Become a lifetime member of ISFP Friends Program

Here’s the deal:

  •  You give us 300 CZK to become a lifetime member of the ISFP Family.
    •    As a lifetime member you get 30% discount from the Festival Super Pass.
    •    We will consult you during the selection of pieces (and genres) which will be taught in the upcoming year of the event.
    •    When you are coming to the festival you will be able to bring a friend who will be free to participate in any Absolute Beginner course (ABC)           (this includes free entry to all festival concerts).
    •    In order to keep your membership valid you need to attend ISFP at least once in two years.
    •    We will like you a lot!

If you don’t have the spare money to sponsor us, just show up! Knowing that people like our work is a huge boost to our morale.