Tokyo based UK composer & community musician

Francesca Le Lohé is a composer & community musician active in Japan and the UK. Theatrical projects and intercultural exchange are integral to her work; in August 2020, Francesca co-founded the “Sound and Word Network” with writer Charlotte Wührer to facilitate international collaborations between composers/sound artists and writers. She is also the composer/director behind "THE鍵KEY": an immersive, site-specific opera inspired by Tanizaki's novella, featuring a mixture of Japanese and Western artforms (awarded the 2019 “Keizo Saji Prize”). Her work has featured in festivals including TAma Music & Arts Festival, Sonorities, Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival and the London Festival of Architecture. Francesca was based in Tokyo from 2015-2021, a move initiated by receiving a Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Scholarship. Alongside her compositional activities, Francesca studied traditional instruments, including shakuhachi with Rei Jin, biwa with Kumiko Shuto, and sho with The Japan Gagaku Society, with whom she regularly performed.