Price:  200 EUR (ca. 5 400 CZK)

PSF Friends: 140 EUR

This pass grants access to all concerts including the Symphonic Concert as well as Berg Orchestra, Workshops*, Lectures and events of ISFP 2016 (excluding Masterclasses, Hands on Courses and film projections).

* Workshops are group lectures (in the past PSFs called Masterclasses) that any Festival Super Pass holder can go to without prior reservation.




Price: 2 500 CZK (ca 90 EUR)

2 000 CZK (discounted)


This pass grants access to all concerts of the festival including the Symphonic Concert as well as BERG Orchestra.

discounted tickets: students, children up to 15 yrs., seniors over 60 yrs., people with disabilities and their assistants




Price: 60 EUR (ca. 1600 CZK)

3 x 90 min for complete beginners.

PSF Friends can bring a friend here for free.



Prices: 80 EUR – 150 EUR (2 700 CZK – 4 000 CZK)

(these classes will be announced from March till April, so stay tuned)

3 x 90 min class with one master teacher. The participants register to one specific teacher. The number of students is limited to 5 per course.



All participants of the festival can arrange for individual classes with any of the players coming to ISFP 2016. After you have arranged for a lesson with a teacher, if you wish to reserve a space for a specific day and hour you need to do that by sending an e-mail to reservations@komuso.cz.


All prices for these lessons and logistics are to be communicated directly between the student and teacher.

*Participants are holders of a Festival Super Pass, Concert Pass, participating in Masterclasses, the symposium or performers in concerts.