Japanese spiritual music of the shakuhachi.

Handed down from one generation to another for centuries, this music portrays the aesthetics of ZEN in sound and silence. Inspiration from the sounds of nature and its phenomena are brought alive by each player’s individual approach to this highly abstract music that eludes Western concepts of rhythm and harmony.

Featuring: Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Akihito Obama, Dietmar Ippu Herriger, Vlastislav Matoušek, Adrian Freedman, Seizan Osako, Justin Senryu Williams, Marek Kimei Matvija


Dietmar Ippu Herriger, Shinya

Marek Kimei Matvija, Echigo Reibo

Seizan Osako, Kogetsu-cho

Vlastislav Matoušek, Akita Sugagaki

Akihito Obama, Shougaken Reibo 


Adrian Freedman, Seijaku – Stillness, comp. A.F., 2016

Justin Senryu Williams, Yūgure 

Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Sanan  



Church of St Lawrence under Petřín, Hellichova 18/553, Prague 1

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13/09/2019 - 13/09/2019

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08:00 PM - 21:00 PM

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