Recital by the phenomenal shakuhachi player Kuniyoshi Sugawara, introducing outstanding Japanese composers like Bondai Fujii and Makoto Moroi. The dynamic programme will peak with the famous Jōgen no Kyoku for shakuhachi and koto composed by Tadao Sawai.

This concert is part of the NEIRO Unlimited concert series, dedicated to presenting elite international musicians who use their regional instruments in contemporary music.

Featuring: Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Makiko Goto, Lenka Kozderková, Akihito Obama, John Kaizan Neptune



1.  Shakuhachi Sanjuso (Toshio Funakawa)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Akihito Obama, John Kaizan Neptune

2. Poeme II (Teizo Matsumura)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara

3. Ugetsufu (Takashi Yoshimatsu / Commissioned by Kuniyoshi Sugawara)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Makiko Goto

4.  Aun Jumonji (Bondai Fujii)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Lenka Kozderková


1. Five Dialogues For Two Shakuhachi (Makoto Moroi)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Akihito Obama

2. Jōgen no Kyoku (Tadao Sawai)
Kuniyoshi Sugawara, Makiko Goto



ARCHA THEATRE, Na Poříčí 1047/26, Prague 1

Event Performers

Event Date

15/09/2019 - 15/09/2019

Event Time

08:00 PM - 22:00 PM

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