Workshops and Learning

From spiritual music to improvisation

Learn traditional and contemporary music of Japanese

instruments, shakuhachi and koto.

Our festival offers unique opportunity to learn with Japanese and international masters of Japanese musical instruments. The main teaching focus of our festival is the shakuhachi. However, we also try to support the growth of European koto and shamisen communities by selected master players of these instruments to teach introductory courses and lead small study groups.

Over the twelve years of history of our festival, we try to improve the structure and layout of the festival courses to benefit students and players of all levels, from the absolute beginners to semi-professionals.

Due to the delayed reconstruction of the Czech Academy of Music (HAMU), teaching at ISFP 2019 will happen at Prague Creative Center located at the Old Town Square next to the famous astrological clock of Prague. The facilities of Prague Creative Center include a theatre studio and several rooms of various sizes suitable for teaching.


(60 or 90 minutes intervals)

Shakuhachi workshops are the most popular part of learning offered at the ISFP. These workshops are suited for shakuhachi players from beginner to intermediate level (see player levels explained below). Focusing on a single topic or a simple composition, the goal of workshops is to broaden the understanding of the instrument, its various traditions, notations and playing techniques. Topics like basic and advanced tone production, practice routines and learning methods are also addressed here. Specific classes on rhythm and improvisation are also offered. At ISFP 2019, the total of 16 shakuhachi workshops will be available.

Shakuhachi workshops are led from Friday 13. 09. 2019 9:00 to Monday 16. 09. 2019 16:00.

Participation in group workshops is included in the ISFP SuperPASS and ISFP Family SuperPASS. For details see the schedule below.


(shakuhachi, koto or shamisen, 120 minutes intervals)

Led by main guests of the festival, study groups offer deep insight into specific compositions and styles. Number of students is limited (from 5 to 2) depending on the difficulty of class material. Participants in the study groups are given scores and recordings in advance and are expected to come prepared to the class in advance.

The concept of study groups has been under development for the past four years. It stems from the players’ needs to work with a specific teacher more closely and continuously over the course of several days.

See which study groups are on offer this year!
For details see the schedule below.

HANDS ON Courses for Absolute beginners

(90 minutes intervals)

Anyone who is interested in trying his best with the shakuhachi, koto or shamisen is welcome to join this course. No previous musical experience is required. Participants can borrow instruments through the festival organisers (please contact us at Usually they pay a deposit for the borrowed instrument to the instrument owner.

Participation in group workshops is included in the ISFP SuperPASSISFP Family SuperPASS, or individually.


Holders of ISFP SuperPASSISFP Family SuperPASS, and ISFP ConcertPASS can inquire about the possibility of individual lesson with a master player invited to the ISFP (please contact us at We will help you to come into contact with the teacher. The price of the individual lesson is decided by the teacher him/herself.