An award winning Japanese music composer and musicologist

Colleen Schmuckal received her PhD in musicology from Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2017, focusing on new analytical and compositional techniques for Japanese instruments. She is presently teaching at multiple universities in the Tokyo area, including Rikkyo University and Tokyo University of the Arts. Her publications include, “Transmission Through Beginner Music for Multi-Genre Instruments: An Analysis of Shamisen Beginner Music by Kineya Seihō” (Bulletin, Faculty of Music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music) and “Media Review of Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon: Music by Marty Regan. Duo Yumeno" (Asian Music 51(2)). As a performer of Japanese instruments, Mrs. Schmuckal studies shamisen, shō, fue, and percussion. As a composer, her shamisen solo entitled “The Ethereal Wind Dance” won second prize at the prestigious 6th Makino Yutaka Composition Competition and her koto trio entitled “Pink Waves of Yokohama Bay” won first prize at ICJC Composers’ Project Concert Competition.