Klara Böhm

Klára has been interested in the in-depth exploration of human psyche since a very early age. Her curiosity resulted in studying single-subject psychology at the Prague School of Psychosocial Studies, where she also participated in psychotherapeutic training.

As part of her studies, she had a year-long internship at the National Institute of Mental Health, participated in research on psychedelic substances, and most of her academic activities have focused on altered states of consciousness. Since 2021, she has worked as the Education Coordinator at Beyond Psychedelics.

In addition to psychology, she studied percussion at the International Conservatory in Prague. She now works as a professional drummer mainly on the international scene based in London. She also works as a teacher, working mainly with female drummers.

These two passions form a natural intersection of interest in expanded states of consciousness and music, and naturally crystallise into themes where the two disciplines overlap.