San’An with Ichiro Seki

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Study group led by master shakuhachi player and composer Ichiro SekiSan’An is a dramatic honkyoku originating from the Echigo region in Northern Japan. This piece became the very core of the Chikushinkai repertoire (Katsuya Yokoyama’s school of shakuhachi) as it was usually the piece that was required to perform to acquire a master’s, shihan, licence. Ichiro Seki learned this piece directly from Katsuya Yokoyama.
The study group will be conducted in English. The recommended student level is intermediate. The capacity of this study group is five students.
Score and recording will be provided by the festival.
Listen to the recording of Katsuya Yokoyama performing San’An, 産安:
More about this piece:
Capacity: 4 students
Price: 1300 CZK (50% sale)
Time allocation: 3 x 120 minutes

Link to the current teaching plan and schedule: