OFF ISFP: Shakuhachi Making Workshop with John Kaizan Neptune

Studio NEIRO

John Kaizan Neptune is a shakuhachi master player and a master maker based in Chiba, Japan.
John Kaizan’s analytical approach to shaping the bore has enabled him to fine-tune individual notes across the three octaves range, thus creating a well balanced, precisely tuned instruments with projection comparable to western classical instruments. In recent years, he has expanded his understanding to also produce extraordinary jinashi shakuhachi.

You can hear John Kaizan’s flutes on stage in the hands of Japanese and international masters such as Kifu Mitsuhashi, Reison Kuroda, James Nyoraku Schlefer, Kakizakai Kaoru, Adrian Freedman and many others.
Outside of being a shakuhachi maker, John Kaizan Neptune is an extraordinary shakuhachi player, pioneer of the jazz shakuhachi, and a composer.

Over three days, you will be cutting, drilling and filing bamboo under the supervision of a master maker to make a jinashi shakuhachi. John Kaizan Neptune will show you and help you how to precisely shape the bore and fix the problems your instrument may have. Under Kaizan’s guidance, you can make a jinashi shakuhachi from start to finish (as much as time permits), or you can bring a semi-finished shakuhachi in to the workshop to finish it under his supervision.

You will be provided with the necessary making tools, but you are welcome to bring your own. You can either order a prime bamboo blank from Kaizan’s professional bamboo hunter, or you can use one of his free rootend blanks with unusual length or node placement (lengths 2.0 to 2.8). While they might not conform to aesthetic standards these blanks will provide for a playable instrument.


The workshop capacity is six people only, because of this makers of all levels are welcome, even absolute beginners. There will be time enough for everyone.


To ensure an intensive experience, the workshop is open to 6 participants only.

All sales of participation fees are final and cannot be refunded;  the only exception being the cancellation of the event as a whole, in which case all payments for participation will be refunded in full latest by 31. 12. 2023. The organisers do reserve the right to alter the program of the event if necessary. By paying for the ticket or pass you agree to this policy. 

Standard fee (including 1 bamboo blank): 7000 CZK



John Kaizan Neptune can provide the workshop participants with one bamboo blank per person. These bamboo blanks are coming from Kaizan’s own storage and have unusual length or node placement. While they might not conform to aesthetic standards these blanks will provide for a playable instrument.

Please send request to 

High quality bamboo from Kaizan’s bamboo hunter can cost approx. 20,000 to 30,000 Yen, a piece. John Kaizan Neptune is happy to oversee the purchase, to ensure you get what you want.

Please send request to

Of course, you can bring your own bamboo or a semi-finished shakuhachi. 


Schedule (May 29 – 31, 2023)

Monday, May 29th

10:00 Introduction
10:30 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
17:00 end of teaching

Tuesday, May 30

10:00 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
17:00 end of teaching 

Wednesday, May 31

10:00 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
16:00 end of teaching


(June 1st at 9AM start symposium at 8PM Opening concert of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague 2023)



If you have your own favorite set of tools, you are welcome to bring them. Standard drills, files and saws will be provided.

Bring a case for your new flutes.

The workshop will be conducted in English.

In case you need more time to finish your flute you can use our studio and tools outside of the workshop hours as well as during ISFP 23 (June 1 – 5).

The shakuhachi making workshops are organised by NEIRO Association Expanding Arts, adjacent to the ISFP 2023. They are not part of the festival’s program and the Festival SuperPASS does not apply to the making workshops.