GOKIKO with John Kaizan Neptune

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Study group led by master shakuhachi player John Kaizan Neptune.

GOKIKO (Five Spirit Holes) is a shakuhachi duet composed by John Kaizan Neptune himself. This piece is very well known in the Kinko style. This time, however, it will be taught in Myoan style. Some people say that in the Kinko version player portrays the waterfall, and in the Myoan version the player becomes the waterfall.
The study group will be led in English. The recommended student level is intermediate to advanced. The capacity of this study group is five students.
Score and recording will be provided by the festival.
Capacity: 4 students
Price: 1300 CZK (50% sale)
Time allocation: 3 x 120 minutes
Register your place via email: info@neiro.org