Daha with Akihito Obama

Study Group | HAMU

SOLD OUT! Study group led by master shakuhachi player Akihito Obama. Daha is one of the most dynamic pieces in the spiritual koten honkyoku repertoire. Featuring the powerful komibuki breathing technique, it portrays the breaking sea waves followed by calm passages of contemplation and physical relief.

The study group will be conducted in English. The recommended student level is intermediate. The capacity of this study group is five students.

Score and recording will be provided by the festival.

Listen to the recording of Katsuya Yokoyama performing Daha:

Capacity: 5 students
Price: 2600 CZK
Time allocation: 3 x 120 minutes

Link to the current teaching plan and schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSe75qdEH-hVCCy3BYjYp-o0Ar5baJ1INu5MJWfVlxp0sMsgLvVvdrmqz9HMYZpGQ/pubhtml#